BUTTRICK PROJECTS ARCHITECTURE+DESIGN creates thoughtful, elegant buildings and interiors designed to respond to the specific vision and program needs of each client and to the context of each site.

We use the design process to solve spatial relationships and create compositions for modern lifestyles, ventures and workplaces. Projects unfold organically out of myriad influences, informed by a process that is characterized by careful listening and observation. We seek new and unexpected ways of seeing, and we work collaboratively to remain open and aware of opportunities that will lead to the most beneficial and satisfactory outcomes.

Our studio works on an intentionally broad spectrum of custom design projects, including new houses, residential remodels, flagship commercial spaces, retail, restaurants, offices, and institutional facilities. We are guided by a keen interest in new building typologies and new urbanism, in addition to the highest aims of sustainability, as we endeavor to enrich the built environment.

We design responsibly, creating integrated, energy efficient, healthy, lasting structures. Intrinsic to our process is a focus on considerations such as passive solar principles, the reuse and salvaging of building materials, opportunities for natural drainage, connections and transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, the conscientious use of natural resources, and the most forward thinking, innovative seismic standards.