Our dilapidated house was subjected to years of neglect and lousy remodeling repairs by a previous owner who rented it out to sloppy tenants for over a decade. It needed a skilled and capable architect to restore its functionality as a comfortable family home. Jerome skillfully transformed our nondescript 2200 s/f cottage into an extremely elegant and thoughtfully designed showplace, which everyone loves the second they walk into our door. Jerome's eye for clean design is hard wired into his DNA. He loves the challenge of awkward spaces to work his magic and fashion out sensible and tasteful solutions. His tweeks (some quite minor, some grand) have added significant value to our home. I'll never do another remo project without Jerome Buttrick by my side. Seriously.

—Rahel Crowley & Gregory Janetos
Mill Valley, CA
(completed 2012)

I will hire Buttrick Projects Architecture again for any architectural project I have in the future. Jerome Buttrick's deep knowledge and experience as an architect are the foundation of his elegant, contemporary approach to design. In his collaborative style, he has the ability to hear his clients' wants/needs/concerns and distill with rich creativity while never straying from function. This is a rare and valuable quality in the broad field of design. He's got it...in spades.

—Sara Carter
Atherton, CA
(completed 2012)

We hired Buttrick Projects Architecture to remodel our 1901 brown shingle historic home in 2009 and couldn't be happier with the result. The project took more than a year to complete; Buttrick Projects Architecture preserved the home's original character while bringing it clearly into the 21st century. This means that were able to solve difficult "old house" issues, like closet space and bathrooms and enough plugs and wiring for technology and modernizing the kitchen while at the same time keeping the original flooring, windows, redwood interiors and general warmth of an old house of this vintage. Some examples of the things they added are an area to sort mail with "old hotel" slots for each person and a built-in library table in the main room with technology for power, wired internet and lighting built in. We (and they) won a historic preservation award for this remodel. I would highly recommend them.

—Kathy & Tim Oleary
Palo Alto CA
(completed 2011)

Jerome Buttrick was the architect for re-designing a very tired 60s ranch-style house. He was brilliant at keeping the intimacy of this home while updating it with essentially four vertical structures that opened it up, gave it a very contemporary feel, and took full advantages of the Mt. Tam and 2nd ridge vistas that the previous plan ignored. His new floor plan is masterful and really works, with spaces that flow into each other, public spaces that have some drama, a kitchen that is great for us, and then private spaces which are a bit more cozy. Having quite a lot of experience in remodeling projects (we have lived in what is reported to be Maybeck's best hillside house and had to restore and update that, rebuilt a PanPacific-style home in Palo Alto built by Leland Stanford's vet, rebuilt another home in Dallas, etc.), and having worked with a number of architects and interviewed and reviewed the work of at least 10-15 others, we cannot recommend anyone more highly for architectural services.

—Vincent and Wendy Drucker
(completed 2013)

Our six year old Buttrick Projects Architecture’s home is still an absolute delight. My husband said just the other night, "I can't believe I really live here!" Jerome really understood what we wanted and rendered it beautifully. We get tons of compliments about the house from friends and strangers which is all the more remarkable because our house is modern in a neighborhood of traditional houses. Because I had had experience in building at work and knew what we wanted, I had phone interviews with 12 architects, in person interviews and visits to their work with 6 of them. Both my husband and I found choosing Jerome quite easy. He can not only draw our ideas but can verbalize them better than we could. Working with him was a delight.

—Judith and Hans Steiner
Palo Alto, CA
(completed 2007)