Bruce Choi
Technical Designer
BArch, California College of the Arts

The project type that interests Bruce most is single-family housing—he finds clients’ high level of engagement to be a source of motivation to pursue the best possible solutions. His dream house is very like his grandparents’ house in the Korean countryside, where he grew up spending holidays with his family. That experience inspired his belief that memorable architecture should encourage people to interact within it.

Bruce believes that as much as California’s fire season reminds of the seriousness of global warming, climate change is even more noticeable in Korea. He applauds the Korean government’s push for green environmental policies and hopes that they pay off in neighboring countries. “I believe it’s our duty to preserve what’s been given to us by mother nature.”

He lives in Alameda with his spouse, Julia, and son, Jin Woo, and has been working at BPA+D since 2003. In addition, Bruce loves golf, and he relishes viewing before-and-after pictures of completed architectural projects. “Seeing how a place has been transformed is the joy of the profession.”