Melissa Sun
Project Designer
MFA, Academy of Arts
BA, Architecture, UC Berkeley

Melissa has been working in architecture, with a small stint in interior design, since 2005. She has always been drawn to interesting details in architecture and furniture, as well as to how a space can make you feel. The work that most interests her is residential remodels that offer the opportunity to do something a little different and unexpected. She is mindful of the environmental impact of new buildings, and frequently asks, “How can we design something that will last and not end up in landfill somewhere?”

She lives in Oakland with her husband, their young son, and dog. In recent years, she has taken trips to Iceland and Scotland, two places that, though geographically small, “felt expansive and endless. I appreciated the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by natural beauty.”

Melissa used to have hobbies, but with an energetic kid, she finds it hard to remember what they were. She does enjoy playing golf, basketball, and tennis. Melissa can also be found spending time in the kitchen baking and cooking with her son. Her family loves hiking in Redwood Regional Park, and going on outdoor adventures. When she has time, she appreciates the chance to read a good book.