Vera Montare Savory
Junior Project Designer
MArch, Columbia Graduate School of Architecture
BA, Architecture, Barnard College

Vera moved from New York to Oakland last summer with her partner, a clean-tech engineer, and their former foster dog, Benji. Since arriving in California, she has become excited about the possibility of architecture firms working with engineering firms and startups that are doing groundbreaking energy research. “It is sure to improve our impact on the environment.”

BPA+D is her first job out of graduate school (where she drew her entire final project in the style of Peter Max’s artwork for Yellow Submarine). She had internships during school at offices that do mainly civic work, as well as those that do mainly residential work. “What I love about civic architecture is how many people the design can touch. What I love about residential architecture is how the architects’ decisions positively influence the clients’ lives.” When her family moved from New York to South Carolina, where she grew up, her parents (both architects) bought a little bungalow, and they renovated the attic for Vera and her sister to live in. “Growing up in that space made me sensitive to designing space that will make the inhabitants feel like it’s truly theirs.”

She loves sketching for fun and recently took up the saxophone, and she hopes to find more time in her life for both hobbies soon.